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Who We Are

Rainbow Forest Centre London Limited was established in January 2022. Previously, we started our services in November 2020 as a UK branch of a Japanese medical institution, Rainbow Forest Group, located in Tottori, Japan. 


At Rainbow Forest Group, we have provided community-based care with the motto of "treatment that does not rely on medication" at a homey place that has been remodeled from an old house.

In addition, at Rainbow Forest Day Care Centre (child welfare facility), where psychotherapy and  behaviour therapies are provided, and while taking the time to face each person's heart, the challenge is to expand treatment options other than medications. 


Rainbow Forest Centre London shares the vision of Rainbow Forest Group and offers integrated and comprehensive assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders and a range of therapies talored to the individual needs.

Our Mission

​"Let these children make our world shine."    - Kazuo Itoga

Who are the most vulnerable people in the world? What can we do for children who feel there is no hope for their tomorrow? 

We will work on all challenges for every child so that they can be the hope itself, instead of just giving them something as charity.

Our logo represents animals and plants which symbolise everyone's hopes and dreams. It also describes the future where those dreams are shining like a rainbow.

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Therapy room

The therapy room is located in a flat room, so you can feel at ease as if you were going to a friend's house ☆

Address: 180-184, Horn Lane, Acton, W3 6PJ




If you come by train


  3 minutes walk from Acton Main Line

  13 minutes walk from Acton Central Station



Central Line

  16 minutes walk from North Acton Station

  19 minutes walk from West Acton Station


If you come by car

We are sorry, but we do not have a parking lot. Please use the parking on the street nearby.

By train

Elizabeth Line

 3 minute walk from Acton Main Line Station



13 minute walk from Acton Central Station


Central Line

 16 minute walk from North Acton Station

 19 minute walk from West Acton Station

Neighborhood map.png

By car

We are sorry, but our center does not have a parking lot.There is no parking lot.Please use nearby street parking.

Linton Road(Lynton Road, red circle on the map) is relatively easy to stop. However, Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 11:00 and from 16:00 to 17:00 are reserved for residents only.

faraday road(Faraday Road, yellow circle on the map) isFrom 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays, you can stop by Pay by phone (37303) for £1 per hour (up to £3). (1).jpg


* The following offices are used only for office purposes.

Profile West,

Suite 2, Floor 1

950 Great West Road



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