Consultation time

    Tuesday-Saturday 9 am-17pm (UK time)

* We also accept online consultations for people living in Japan and overseas during the above hours.


Price course​​

* From April 2021, we introduced a course system with discounted rates.

Please see the following file for the price list for the fall of 2021 (September 1st to December 18th).

* 50 minutes for first-time users and those who wish to visit their home.

* For face-to-face visits (home visits, kindergarten / school visits), transportation expenses from the staff's home will be charged separately.

* Insurance coverage varies depending on the insurance company. See " Frequently Asked Questions ".

Payment method

Payment will be prepaid . Please make a reservation at least 12 hours before the reservation date and time .

You can pay by bank transfer or PayPal.

Online Tools

  * We have started consultation in the therapy room!

Either of the following methods, please choose at the time of application.

Therapy room

Customers should Raisho to the therapy room of Acton, do the therapy.

Please see here for information on therapy rooms.

For those who have made a reservation, we will inform you by e-mail about how to visit the office separately.

Online consultation



You will need a smartphone.



You will need a smartphone.

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Google Meet

You can use a smartphone or your PC. 

You will need Google Chrome in your PC (you can download for free) or your Gmail account if you choose to use your smartphone.


You will need a smartphone or your PC.

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