Can I talk about somebody else (i.e. children, other family members) ?

Yes, it's fine. In the case of a child, it is often difficult to suddenly open up a stranger's worries, even if the child is told by a guardian. First of all, we will talk to you from the parents, and you can think about how to talk with your child. Also, even if you are an adult, you may not be willing to consult with yourself. First of all, it does not matter if the family members are consulted.

Can I talk via multi-way call?

Yes, no problem.

Can a children's teacher or a colleagues at work join the sessions?

Yes, no problem.

I have a problem about internet connection./ I have a question about my WiFi.

We are sorry, but we are not IT experts, so we cannot handle the problems of Internet connection and equipment at home. If you have any questions related to IT, please contact the related vendors.

Can I have a refund when I am disconnected during a session?

We're sorry, but basically no refunds are possible. However, if the connection within Nijinomori Center London is unstable, we will reschedule it at another time. In addition, even if the customer's connection is unstable, if the consultation is interrupted within 10 minutes and the connection cannot be reconnected, we will make another schedule at no additional charge.

I see a psychiatrist regularly. Can I have sessions?

Yes, it's fine. However, please tell your doctor about using the online consultation at our center.

Do you accept ANY problem?

Basically, we will deal with most of your mental concerns. However, if it is judged that medical care is necessary, such as those who have severe self-harm (wrist cut, etc.), those who have a strong desire to commit suicide, those who have an act of injuring other people, those who have a significant weight loss and eating disorders. If you have not visited a medical institution, we may refuse to consult with you.

Do you prescribe medications or issue a medical certificate?

We are sorry, but Rainbow Forest Centre London is not a medical institution. So we cannot issue medical certificates or prescribe medicines.

Can I have sessions at your office in Ealing?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer sessions at the office in Ealing.

I called you, but I couldn't reach you.

We may not be able to answer your phone calls. If you have any enquiries, send a message by Contact Us or send an email.

Can I contact you by WhatsApp or LINE?

Sorry, but we can only be contacted by "Contact Us" form or send us an email. WhatsApp and LINE are used only during session hours and only for our sessions.

Do you have sessions in English?

We do not offer sessions in English at the moment. However, we can communicate in English.

I need a session for emergency.

We try to do the best as possible, but unfortunately there might be a case when we cannot accept your needs.


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