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About business after March 8


With the reopening of schools in the UK, Rainbow Forest Centre London will resume home visit sessions.






We offer life coach consultations for children and young people who present with developmental delay, learning difficulties, hyperactivity, communication difficulties, frustration, anxiety, trauma, relationships, and child-rearing concerns.

We offer life coach consultations for adults who present with anxiety, depression, frustration, trauma, and relationships.

We also offer consultations for adults with neurodevelopmental traits.

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Child and Therapist

Mum of a 10 year-old girl  

Originally, I had a hard time with my daughter who had a tantrum, but it became noticeable during the half-year closure, so I decided to consult here.

I was worried that my shy daughter would be able to speak well online, but Professor Sakano kindly pulled out the story, and she seemed to be able to talk about what she was thinking. Subsequent diagnoses and advice were also very accurate, and I could feel the pressure of my daughter who was not noticed as a parent. I think it was an opportunity to review my attitude toward my daughter. Thank you very much!

Mom and a Child

I was a little nervous, but thanks to the teacher's calm atmosphere, I was able to relax and talk. I was happy to feel that she was trying to get to know her daughter from various angles. Not only did I learn the content, but it was also a good opportunity for me to think about my daughter again. Thank you for today.

Mother and Child

It was really nice to be able to consult. As a result of the consultation, I found out specifically what I (guardian) can do. I was taught very meaningful content.

Mum of a 2 year-old girl

Mum of a 4 year-old boy

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